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Moderator/admin of Grimoire.Social and the strange quark behind the Arnemancy podcast. A great lover of books. A collector of many strange volumes. Show me your spooky grimoires!

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Ancient Christian magic (1999, Princeton University Press) 4 stars

An excellent companion to the PGM

4 stars

This is a great reference volume for those who have been delving into the Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. The material is pretty much all Christian, but it is great to see the variety of spells and rituals that were being used by the Christians of that era. Particularly interesting are all the barbarous names and pagan deities mixed in with otherwise Christian material.

My one complaint is that none of the illustrations from the original Coptic papyri are included, so you don't get to see what the various amulets and images actually looked like.

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First Occult Tarot (2023, Hermes Publications) No rating

A nice expanded lwb essentially. The book goes through both de Gebelin's and de Melletcs lives and essays, briefly, before turning to describing the cards. Place used Aluette cards for inspiration when de Mellet didn't describe their meanings, as he concluded that's where de Mellet got his pip meanings in the first place.

It ends with a nice, succinct description of how to use de Mellet's divination method, including notes on how to deal with the inconsistencies.

If you get the deck -- and it's lovely -- definitely get the book as well.