The Earth Will Shake (Hist Illuminatus Chronicles)

mass market paperback, 1 pages

English language

Published Feb. 5, 1991 by Roc.

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The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles is a series of three novels by Robert Anton Wilson written after his highly successful The Illuminatus! Trilogy and his 1981 Masks of the Illuminati. His co-author from the first trilogy, Robert Shea, was not involved in this series, providing only a praising blurb.

It is composed of three books: The Earth Will Shake (1982), The Widow's Son (1985) and Nature's God (1991). A fourth book, The World Turned Upside Down, was promised at the end of Nature's God but was never written; Wilson also had stated he intended the Chronicles to be a pentalogy. His death in 2007 left the series as a trilogy, incomplete. There is an audiobook of the first novel read by Scott Crisp.

It concerns the adventures of Sigismundo Celine, an ancestor of the Hagbard Celine character from the Illuminatus! Trilogy, as he blunders through Europe and America during the Enlightenment, …

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